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RCIPS Reminds the Public of the Procedure on the Transfer of Ownership on Vehicles

Notice Board 26/06/2017

The RCIPS would like to remind the public of the correct measures to be taken when transferring ownership of vehicles from one person to another. The best practice, according the to the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing, is that both parties attend the  DVDL together, complete the prescribed form, pay the set fee and receive a new logbook with the new owner’s information.

Officers of the RCIPS continue to encounter vehicles in their investigations which have not been properly transferred when sold. Prior owners of vehicles who are still listed as the registered owner run the risk of having their name linked to a vehicle used in the commission of a crime, and also could be liable under Section 9(2) for a fine or imprisonment, or both, for failing to effect the transfer. As such the police would like to remind everyone of their responsibility as it relates to the transfer of their vehicles and refers them to the sections of the law below for guidance.

Section 9 of the Traffic Law (2011 Revision) states:

  1. (1) Where there is a change of ownership or alteration in the particulars of

a registered vehicle, the owner shall, within fourteen days of the change or

alteration –

(a) inform the Director, on the prescribed form, of the change or


(b) pay the prescribed fee; and

(c) submit to the Director the certificate of registration,

and the Director shall record in the register the change or alteration and issue a

new certificate of registration to the new owner of the vehicle.


(2) A registered owner of a vehicle referred to subsection (1) who fails to

inform the Director of a change of ownership or alteration in the prescribed

particulars of a registered vehicle commits an offence and is liable on summary

conviction to a fine of four hundred dollars or to imprisonment for a term of three

months, or to both.


(3) The Director may call upon an owner of a vehicle to furnish

information for the verification of the entries in the register relating to that



(4) A registered owner of a vehicle who fails to furnish information

requested under subsection (3) commits an offence.


The Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing also has these procedures outlined on their website and below is the link to this information.


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