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LA State Opening, Budget Tomorrow

Notice Board 14/05/2015

Members of the public are invited to attend the State Opening of the Legislative Assembly which will also feature the Budget Address tomorrow (Friday, 15 May 2015). People attending should be seated in the visitor’s gallery of the LA by 9.35 am. The House opens with a proclamation summoning the new LA session at 9.40 am. Continue reading …

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Early Childhood Assistance Programme (ECAP) Fund

Notice Board 13/05/2015

The Ministry of Education offers funding to assist eligible young Caymanian children to attend an early childhood centre (preschool). Children who are eligible for either full or partial funding are able to receive this support between September 1st, 2015 and June 30th, 2016.  The funding is sent directly to the early childhood centre to provide pre-primary opportunities for young children. In order to qualify, children must be 3 years old as of September 1st, 2015, and meet other specified criteria, including financial criteria as detailed in the table below: Continue reading …

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Fishing Line recycling poster competition

Notice Board 11/05/2015

All primary and secondary school students are invited to participate in the DOE 2015 Fishing line recycling poster competition. Help save turtles, seabirds, coral reefs, and other marine life! Create a poster showing the damage caused by fishing line left in the sea. Posters should include local species which can become tangled in unwanted fishing line, such as turtles, corals, sponges or birds. Winning posters will be displayed for World Environment Day (5 June 2015) and used to create signs for fishing line recycling bins. Continue reading …

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PWD/NRA hurricane preparedness exercise today

Notice Board 06/05/2015

Workers are busy erecting shutters on Government buildings and hurricane shelters around Grand Cayman this morning (Wednesday, 6 May 2015). Although no hurricane is presently approaching the Cayman Islands, this annual exercise allows staff of the Public Works Department (PWD) and the National Roads Authority (NRA) to prepare for the hurricane season – which commences on 1 June. Continue reading …

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Road Diversion – Esterly Tibbett’s Highway

Notice Board 01/05/2015

The motoring public is advised on Sunday 3 May 2015, the north bound lane along the Esterly Tibbetts Highway, between Forum Lane just north of the Caymana Bay round a bout and Solaris Avenue, north of Regal Cinemas will be closed between 4:30am and 12 Midnight. This closure facilities necessary utility work across the left lane in two areas. Continue reading …

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West Bay Road Road Closure

Notice Board 30/04/2015

(RCIPS): On Saturday 2 May 2015, the West Bay Road will be closed to the motoring public between 1:00pm and 6:30pm, this closure facilitates the Adult Cayman Carnival  Batabano 2015. The West Bay Road will be closed from the public beach to the National Museum on Harbour Drive and includes all arterial roads at the junction with West Bay Road. Motorist are advised to use the Esterly Tibbett’s Highway which runs parallel to the West Bay Road. The road will be reopened in a staged process running from north to south  giving local access to residences and commercial properties, once the parade crosses each section. Uniform officers will be on hand to assist the public.

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Grand Court Jurors Report Date Changed

Notice Board 28/04/2015

The Grand Court jury report date has been changed. Grand Court Jurors who are in the 1st APRIL – 30th JUNE 2015’ session, are now to report on MONDAY, 4th MAY 2015, at 9:45 a.m. Please call the Jury Information line at 945-5072 for the most up to date information.

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Companies are Invited to Bid for Used Tyres

Notice Board 21/04/2015

The Government of the Cayman Islands, through the Department of Environmental Health (DEH), is inviting bids from qualified Tenderers for the prompt processing (on-site or off-site at an approved local site/facility) and removal of all the “Used Tyres accumulated at the Grand Cayman landfill. Government may consider paying a nominal fee for removal. The removal involves “Used Tyres” existing as whole, unprocessed or semi-processed tyres (i.e. shredded tyres, tyres without wheel rims, and tyres with wheel rims).  Some of these tyres may require special technical capabilities to cut, transport and remove from the sites. The majority of the used tyres are located at the Grand Cayman Landfill. Continue reading …

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Boundaries Commission Seeks Public Input

Notice Board 13/04/2015

Members of the public can soon share their thoughts on the Cayman Islands’ upcoming, historic transition to single member constituencies with members of the Electoral Boundaries Commission. Beginning Tuesday 21 April 2015, Commissioners have planned a series of meetings across all three islands. The subject of discussion will be the proposed change from the present situation in which voters may elect a varying number of candidates to the Legislative Assembly, depending on the district in which they reside, to one where each elector casts only a single vote. Continue reading …

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Marriage conference

Notice Board 13/04/2015


Richard and Cynthia Nicholson

First Assembly of God invites you to a Marriage Conference to be held at the church at 195 Old Crewe Road on Friday, April 24th at 7pm and Saturday April 25th at 3pm. There will also be a session for singles on Saturday, April 25th at 10am. The guest speakers for the conference will be Richard and Cynthia Nicholson who are both ordained ministers with the Assemblies of God. Continue reading …

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